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Gallery submission rules

Non Registered Partners may post 3 galleries per day. Registered partners may post 10 galleries per day. When registering as a New Partner enter NA in the ICQ field if you don't have an ICQ account.

- We require a return link in a visible location on your gallery page. It must be displayed exactly as you see it here, including the banner.

<a href="" title="Naked Men 69" target="_blank"><img src="nakedmen69.gif" border="0" width="204" height="67" alt="Naked Men 69"></a>

Naked Men 69
Right Cick to Save Banner

- Above banner must be hosted at your web site. No hot linking.
- To assure linking code matches what we have listed I would advise you copy and past what we have above and make sure it all appears on the same line within your HTML page with no line breaks or any additional spacing
- The only portion of the linking code that may be altered is the relative location of our banner on your server although we do require that our banner be visible.
- HTML must remain just as it is listed above. Copy and paste is easiest way to eliminate any mistakes.
-You must have at minimum 2 OTHER TGP/MGP reciprocal links listed on your galleries and be actively submitting said galleries to those TGP/MGP's as well.
- The page you submit must contain the galleries you submit plus our return link
- If you plan to delete submitted page in future, you need to let us know about it ahead of time or you will be blacklisted !
- Preview thumb must match content in your galleries
- A complete, detailed and accurate description is required. Lets try to be creative here.
- Gay Male Movies/Pics ONLY
- Your gallery must contain at least 3 movie clips or 8 Pictures. Each Movie clip must be at least 15 seconds in length.
- By submitting your site, you are stating any images and videos used in your site are properly licensed and in compliance with state 18 U.S.C. 2257.

- NO CHILD PORN, bestiality, violence, anything remotely illegal or links to such content listed on your gallery.
- NO Blind links, NO Hidden frames, NO Pop ups, NO Exit consoles!
- NO Dialers, NO Redirects, NO Auto Resize, NO manipulation of the back button!
- NO Consoles, NO Autoinstalles, NO Autobookmarks, NO Autodialers!
- NO Exploits, NO Trojans, NO Viruses, NO ActiveX, NO JAVA Script!
- NO Video Codec Installs, NO Bots, NO .js Files!
- NO Duplicate picture or movie posts for 14 days

* Violating any of these rules will result in blacklisting. When in doubt, ask. ICQ me at :349 434 625

Why so many rules??? - Simple, we don't trade in YOUR traffic and visitors are our #1 priority. We must provide a honest and valuable service to them.

Make sure our reciprocal link is in place before submitting!
- If you leave the thumbnail field below blank we will scan the gallery URL you submitted. From there you can pic a thumbnail image of your choice, edit and crop.
- After submitting your gallery you will be returned here. To complete the process please check your email for an email from We require a confirmation of your post.
- You may post up to 3 galleries per day.


Public gallery submission
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