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- NakedMen69.Com Traffic Trade: Open for Trades. All that is required to initiate the trade is to send ONE hit. That will initiate the standard traffic trade. As soon as you send your first hit the account is active and we will start returning traffic immediately.

- 1 Site per domain.
- We are only accepting GAY Trades. If your Trade doesn't link to GAY ONLY content it will be deleted.
- At least 50% of your content must be to galleries!
- Your title and description must reflect your real content. Slogans or anything else illegal, on your site, in your title or description will be deleted.
- NO CHILD PORN, bestiality, violence or anything illegal.
- This includes links to other sites on your site.You will be removed and reported
- NO Blind links, NO Hidden frames, NO Pop ups, NO Exit consoles!
- NO Dialers, NO Redirects for any country, NO Auto Resize!
- NO Consoles, NO Autoinstalles, NO Autobookmarks!
- NO Exploits, NO Trojans, NO Viruses, NO ActiveX!
- NO Video Codec Installs, NO Bots, NO .js Files!
- We are only looking for honest pure trades!
- Sites that have been inactive or produced poor performing traffic (less than 150% productivity AVG) for a period of 5 days will be removed from the list without notice.
- Traffic trade is in full effect after you send the very first hit. For added exposure all you need to do is send productive traffic of 150% or more and you will also be approved for our TopList posting.

Below where is says Add Trade here are some tips:
-Domain = yourdomain.com
*Domain you will send traffic from. For example "yourdomain.com" no http, no www, no / at the end and no specific page.
-url = http://www.yourdomain.com/somefile.html
*The specific page on your site where you would like us to send traffic back to.

You can link to us on as many pages as you like as long as they all come from the same domain name. If you have multiple domains you will need to register multiple accounts.

Bookmark this URL. After you signup at the very bottom of this page you will find an entry for your domain name and password. This is were you can check your live stats.
Any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us at support@nakedmen69.com

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